It was Biden Inauguration anniversary on the 20th January, in his 2020 campaign he set out a what some may call ‘ambitious’ plan. Just a year being president he’s made significant progress in some aspects stripping back the marks of Trump’s reign. Through acts like rejoining the Paris climate agreement and revoking the ‘muslim travel ban’. But many of the acts in the transformational proposal to change are yet to be put in motion as a result of stonewalling from 2 democratic senators. Some things he said he would put in place or alter. I will list an example but there are many more. Student debt forgiveness, in Biden’s campaign he made a promise to “ forgive all undergraduate tuition related federal student debt from 2 and four year public college and universities and private HBCU and MSI for debtx holder earning up to $125,000”. Also he repeatedly said that he would he is willing to cancel $10,000 in debt per student — a claim he repeated in February 2021, after assuming office.